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The mobile component of foAudits contains:
  • Security.
  • Static lists (and updating static lists)
  • Dynamic data
    example: US State codes, Employer names, Measure Pricing.
  • Licensing (server-side User setup).
  • Client-side calculation engine (field editing).
  • Codes and Categories.
    Customer can define their own pull down lists.
  • Synchronization to backend server.

The Server component of foAudits contains:
  • Security tests.
  • Dynamic data.
  • Static lists.
  • Complete audit calculations.
  • Push synchronization to mobiles.
  • Multi-user management.
  • Multi-audit management.

  Factors affecting Price
There are a number of factors that affect the price to create the template. Here are a few basics:
  • The complexity of the information to be captured (# forms, # fields).
  • Calculations. Are they performed on the mobile-side or server-side?
    We support either (or both) but this does affect cost.
  • Is this to be a wireless or wired connection solution?
    Again, we support both models, including a mixed environment, but this affects costs as well.

The base version mobile component of foAudits can be upgraded for free within the major version of purchase. For example, if a user purchases foAudits 4.0, they can freely download and run all versions of foAudits 4.0 to 4.99. Upgrade pricing is available for current foAudits users wishing to upgrade to a higher major version.

Beginning with version 5.0, the user component is licensed annually for $150USD.

There is a separate one-time charge to set up your audit template and optional charges for a server-hosted database or editing tools. Pricing for the backend components is based on the complexity of the information that you wish to capture.

A separate license to a designer (audits design tool) is available for $10,000 per user, which allows you to set up your own templates. This design tool allows you to build your own audits.

To Find Out More
If you would like to know more, click here and send a short message describing your project.